Lisa Sullivan Photo by Mike Morones

The Grieving Mother

Lisa Sullivan

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Lisa's Alibi

Saturday, December 5th, 2015

The day of her daughter's disappearance

8:00 AM

Lisa wakes up and gets ready for her o'clock shift at X. Before work, she needs to drop Katelin off at her ex-husband, James Branton's, house in Partlow, miles away.

9:00 AM

Lisa drops Katelin off at Branton's primary residence located on the 200 block of Oak Crest Drive in Partlow. She asks Katelin to text her when she arrives to Reagan Airport, and again when Katelin boards the airplane.


Lisa arrives to work at X.

1:52 PM

Branton texts Lisa. His cell phone pings a cell tower near his residence in Partlow, over 60 miles away from the Franconia-Springfield Metro Station where he allegedly dropped off Katelin.

Branton Lisa Texts.jpg

Lisa would report to WUSA-9 Washington this unexpected change in  itinerary worried her, as Katelin was unfamiliar with the Springfield area, let alone navigating Washington D.C.'s public transit system.

2:00 PM

Lisa receives a text sent from Katelin's phone. Katelin's cell phone pings a cell tower near his residence in Partlow, almost 75 miles away from Reagan Airport near D.C.

Katelin Lisa Texts 1.jpg


Lisa's shift ends.

5:40 pM

Katelin's flight departs Reagan Washington National Airport for Arizona.

7:15 pM

Katelin's flight is still in the air when Lisa receives two last text messages sent from Katelin's cell phone.

Katelin Last Texts to Mom

Lisa tried calling Katelin numerous times but her phone went straight to voicemail. Katelin's cell phone pinged a cell tower in Stafford, Virginia, less than 15 miles from where her blue suitcase would later be discovered, before Katelin's cell phone lost power, was turned off, or was destroyed.

Lisa would report to the Free Lance-Star she believes these last two messages were not sent by Katelin as her daughter would only send back-to-back text messages if she misspelled a word.

Lisa claims she has not heard from her daughter since this day.